Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further queries after reading this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does PMR do?

We put together flat horseracing syndicates. EG: a small number of people to share in ownership of a racehorse.

How many people are there in each syndicate?

This varies from 4 to a maximum of 12, depending on individual preferences and horses available.

Why join a PMR syndicate rather than individual ownership?

It is more cost effective and limits your risk. An opportunity to meet and it is much more fun meeting likeminded owners. Joining our syndicate gives you a greater chance of racing success at the higher level.

Who buys the horses?

Our horses are purchased by trainer P J McBride in conjunction with PMRacing owner Phil Pateman.

When are the syndicates available?

Syndicated shares are available now.

How long do the horses race for?

We plan to race the horses from the age of two. The syndicate shareholders determine the length of time the horse remains in training however this is normally 2 years after which the horse is sold.

Who trains the horses?

Unless otherwise agreed all PMRacing syndicate horses are trained by P J Mcbride at Newmarket.

Can shareowners visit their horses in training at the stables?

Yes, this is actively encouraged, provided this is arranged in advance through our office.

How will i know when my horse is running?

Shareholders will be kept fully informed of their horses progress and race plans via the member’s only portal on the website as well as by mail, text and telephone.

What happens on race days?

PMRacing organises one entrance/owners badge for each shareholder. These will be available at the racecourse for collection at the owner’s entrance. A member of PMRacing will be in attendance to ensure your day is a memorable one.

Will shareholders make a profit?

Some may well do, but no-one should buy a share in any syndicate to make a profit. Ownership of racehorses should be first and foremost, for the enjoyment of the sport and not for financial gain.

How is PMRacing remunerated?

A management fee is charged on each syndicated horse. See T&C’s.

How much does a syndicate share cost?

This differs from syndicate to syndicate, depending on the quality of the horse, the purchase costs, and the proposed numbers of shareholders. We offer a number of payment options to suit your own individual needs.

What does the price of a share include?

The price of a share covers all expenses incurred including the initial purchase price, trainers, vets, farrier, jockey, transport and race entry fees and administration/registration costs. Exceptions apply please see T&C’s.

Aside from the financial consideration is there anything that would exclude me from joining the syndication?

All owners are required to sign a declaration that they abide with all Jockey Club and other affiliated bodies, rules and regulations. This includes but is not limited to notification of any details of suspension and/or termination from those bodies at any time.

PMRacing will also require you to sign a declaration in respect of you fully understanding the Companies Terms & Conditions of the business, along with confirmation of your acceptance of the financial risk and terms and conditions applied.