Trust The Experts

Horses are carefully selected for purchase at the yearling sales by pmracing, notably via a “get that one” shout from ‘Charlie’. Registered at Weatherbys under PMRacing, they are broken in and trained by Team McBride. After assessment shares are then offered in multiples of 5% on each syndicated horse with both PMR and Charlie retaining a minimum of 25% share in each.

Owners pay for their owners share upfront and training fees quarterly in advance which are all-inclusive and in 2018 are fixed at £110* per 5% share owned. Other payment schemes are available on request. Thanks to the HMRC racing ownership scheme Syndicate owners are exempt from 20% VAT fees.

Syndicates are managed under a comprehensive annual agreement* to protect an individual owner’s rights and benefits. This agreement also covers all training fees, general vets and farriers fees, transport costs, race entry and jockey fees, and all registration costs for the period of the agreement. Prize money is credited to the PMR syndicated account (after levy reductions) and distributed to the syndicate members. This process normally takes around six weeks from when the horses race.

We take out all the hassle of ownership, enabling you to maximise your enjoyment of horseracing. There is nothing like the thrill of owning a horse that crosses the winning line   and we give you the opportunity of winning with all the fun and excitement that entails. However being a syndicate member gives you much more than a race day experience.

You are actively encouraged to see all horses in training having a workout at one of many Newmarket Heath’s, along with other owners in the yard. Some light hearted banter with Charlie, Bev and Sean over a cuppa and breakfast makes for good entertainment. It is informative, educational and above all fun to meet everyone who all have a common goal.

The duration of the syndicate is two years. If the majority of the syndicate (by shares held) agrees to sell the horse, it will be sold, with the proceeds (after any sale costs) apportioned to the owners based on their share. This can be activated at any time.